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Town Planning & Land Matters

Town Planning

The DSL planning consultancy team provides a broad spectrum of town planning services for clients ranging from developers to single land / property owners. These involve preparation of planning applications and appeals for the change of use of lands / properties of various kinds. Our team also provides specialised planning advice on the development or redevelopment feasibility of land and properties.


Our services include:

  • Section 6 planning objections
  • Section 16 planning applications
  • Section 16A planning applications
  • Section 17 reviews
  • Section 12 applications for amendment of plan
  • Feasibility studies
  • Implementation of approval conditions

Land Matters Advisory

DSL has accumulated extensive experience in land matters including applications in respect of lease modification / land exchange, short term / temporary waivers and short term tenancies. Our land consultancy team offers appeal services in order to reach a compromise between the Government and our clients regarding fees.


Our services include:

  • Waiver applications
  • Non-offensive trades licence applications
  • Lease modification or land exchange applications
  • Waiver fee appeals
  • Premium appeals
  • Short term tenancy applications



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